Matthew R. Budd

Author of the East of Ordinary book series.

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The Day I Fell Through The Earth

My name is Elenor, and I am an unremarkable teenage girl. I’m definitely not popular, but I’m not a total outcast either. I just kind of exist. I’m like melon in a fruit salad; I fit in okay, but no one really wants me there. I’m the cantaloupe of people.

The hero of this story isn’t a no-nonsense bad-ass, living in a bleak, dystopian future. She is an irresponsible smart-ass, living a boring, average life... until she discovers that she possesses mysterious and powerful abilities!

Elenor would rather be at home binge-watching TV while snacking on a bowl of sugary cereal, but when she is recruited (against her will) by a secret organization to help stop a dangerous criminal, she is forced to step way outside of her comfort zone.  

Join Elenor as she provides a first-person account of every bizarre, awkward, and amazing aspect of her adventure. 

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The Day I Exploded

Now that the world is safe, Elenor has returned to school.

Sort of… 

She’s returned to everyone’s favorite top-secret-Antarctic-super-powered-spy-training facility: Ice Cube. Because Supernova isn’t currently dealing with any global threats, the students have been attending regular school classes. 

Elenor would rather take a thousand darts to the neck than sit through one more minute of a boring math lecture; but her “boring” existence won’t last long. 

Join Elenor as she makes new friends, confronts new villains, and faces new threats to her personal safety (all while being her usual pain-in-the-ass self, of course).

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The Day I Fell Through The Earth

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Matthew R. Budd has won no awards to date and has little in the way of formal accomplishments, but he is proud of these book and he hopes that you enjoy them. He also wrote this excerpt, and feels weird writing in the third person.


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